Why CSO must consider moving security to the cloud?

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In today’s reality, Chief Security Officer, or CSO, is quite a frustrating job. You are always in a position to defend organization resources from ever growing threats, preventing the next attack or data leak and Identifying theft or a Virus which may encrypt corporate data.

Dealing with such challenges is even more complex when users and apps move more and more outside traditional security and perimeters, with the ever growing number of security devices, countless types of software integrated in data centers, limited IT staff… and with the capital investments that all of the above incorporate you get the toughness of CSOs daily challenge.

This reality is forcing CSOs to reconsider alternative solutions in order to accommodate to these challenges. Corporate IT must now face a crossroad in which the traditional way of thinking is less and less relevant, and a new approach to Security in Cloud-oriented environments is required in order to face the new challenges within the corporate resources and capabilities.

Implementing Corporate Cloud Security Solutions

Corporate IT is responsible for the safety of corporation data. It cannot ignore even the slightest potential breach and must be able to achieve the following goals with a comprehensive solution for cloud security, which shall include the following features:

  1. Perform at scale with limited or no IT human resources.
  2. Protect corporate resources residing both in the organization perimeter and the cloud.
  3. Enforce security 24/7 and alert regarding security issues around the clock.
  4. Protect the corporation periodically with up-to-date security updates.
  5. Easy to maintain and most importantly obviate the need for security boxes updates and replacements.
  6. Effortlessly Scalable.
  7. Congest security solutions into a single pane of glass.
  8. Protect corporate users no matter their location or the type of device they use.
  9. Achieve high performance for internal applications both on-perm or in cloud.

When planning business security strategies, all considerations are to be observed. It is crucial taking into account the ability to efficiently maintain and operate the strategy, in a way which would achieve the set goals on a day to day basis, with the IT resources available.


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