IP-VPN network is a secure virtual communication network based on the public internet as a transport layer. In addition to securing communication, an IP-VPN network can also guarantee the level of communication: latency and jitter.

IP-VPN networks are mostly used to connect branches and provide a secured connection from home to the organization’s network. With such networks a secured managed service can be provided for several branches. The network administration is conducted from a central location, saving time and money on equipment, administration and maintenance.


Internet Binat provides its customers with IP-VPN networks for communication between branches in Israel and around the world. Our IP-VPN service includes a Service Level Agreement SLA, communication prioritization and various applications quality of service QOS, complementary security services and more.


Our solution allows customers to maintain a secured and sustainable communication between branches and datacenters, as well as to enjoy the other benefit of smart, safe and efficient networks. Our secured network solutions are created and hosted by a logical separation on our backbone routers and switches consisting of high quality MPLS infrastructure based on equipment from Cisco.



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