Server hosting

Server hosting, backup and business survivability

Internet Binat maintains 2 underground server farms capable of storing around 6,000 physical servers, manned and secured around the clock.
The air-conditioning and electricity systems provide redundant infrastructures for the computer systems stored in our server farms (Tier 3).
Bezeq, Hot, Celcom, Partner and IBC provide survivability infrastructures for the sever farms, as well as connections to any location in Israel and around the world.
Internet Binat’s hosting services include a secured information center, providing backup and business continuity services. The center is manned by a professional team that monitors customer backup systems around the clock.

Remote backup

Companies today can enjoy the highest quality of organizational information backup, disaster recovery and business continuity policies, without the need to invest in an independent backup system.

Internet Binat provides its customers with remote backup that includes regular access by customers to backup data, 24 hour support, immediate information recovery, continuous reports and more.

Maximum backup flexibility

With our hosting services customers can quickly change their backup system, without the need to purchase equipment, while leveraging our expertise in the field of information security.

High resolution security services

Internet Binat’s security experts implement advanced information security. For example: monitoring server operation (whether it works) as well as the services it provides (quality, consistency and more), and providing warning regarding any irregularity.

It’s easy to say “we have a DR site”

In Internet Binat we understand that backing up information is only the beginning: a DR site has to work when needed and communication has to be routed to the correct place so that business activity is not interrupted.

For this reason we conduct routine inspections for our customers and check, not only the integrity of the information of the backup site, but various other factors such as backup server launch time, work time lost, actual information survivability, communication between branches and more.


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