DDOS Protection

Preventing access to the organization’s servers by flooding them with traffic

An organization’s internet lines are the main thoroughfare to and from the organization’s main resources (servers and applications). Hostile entities that wish to interfere with the operation of an organization may use a distributed attack, in which thousands and hundreds of thousands of computers simultaneously send requests to the organization’s IP address. These requests generate a huge amount of traffic that can reach dozens or even hundreds of Gigabits per second, flooding the organization’s internet lines and preventing legitimate user traffic.

What can be done against such attacks?

Standard information security measures such as firewalls of intrusion protection systems are hard pressed to protect the organization, since the traffic volume under a denial of service attack requires more bandwidth than available to the organization.

The only alternative capable of providing a solution is to stop the attack before the traffic reaches the organization’s internet lines. Internet Binat provides DDoS protection services that allows traffic to be temporarily directed to a Scrubbing Center, where legitimate traffic is identified and redirected to the organization’s internet lines, and illegitimate traffic is stopped.


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