Cloud Email Security


Email has long become a critical tool for organizational communication. Many hostile entities see this form of communication as a convenient way to flood the users of an organization with inappropriate content or content aimed at harming the organization (sending mail intended to steal user permissions, sending files containing viruses and different spyware, and more).


Traditional solutions for email security normally involve an appliance which is passing all emails through for basic scanning. With such solutions, the ability to handle dynamic and new threats is very limited. Such devices normally update once every few hours or days, thus can mostly protect from know threats ans spam only.

Appliance based solutions also expose mail service as an easy target for denial of service attaches, simply by flooding the device or the gateway device.


  • Cloud solutions allow dynamic content spread, and in cloud security services this means always up-to-date security
  • Cloud services save on operation costs as well as simplifies maintenance and operation procedures
  • Cloud email security can protect mail servers from DDOS attacks, as well as able to provide uptime and and flexibility advantages
  • Cloud email security provides flexibility for customized policy, administration and logs
  • Cloud email security allows the addition of engines for extra protection, without the need to add physical appliances



We offer a cloud-based email security service which withholds all the advantages. Behind the stage, our service operates with multiple provides, each the leader in its firld, all to provide the best protection for our customers. Our services protect organizations from both know and unknown threats ATP, from the senders source reputation, to the true dynamic content of the attachment file via sandbox service.

  • Independent platform, works with any email client or server
  • Multiple levels of spam, virus and phishing protection
  • Over 99.9% of spam identified and quarantined – reduces wasted staff time and improves productivity
  • Advanced, transparent to users, URL protection scanning all links withing messages
  • Prevent data leakage (customer data, sensitive business information) through the use of multi-level account rules
  • Set up rules to govern domains, groups or individual policies
  • Flexibly policies for end user control over emails
  • Large file handling – allows an email over the file size limit through to the end user without the attachment, the end user then decides if they want to download it from the cloud
  • Customisable portal branding to ensure employee confidence in the system
  • Simple, straight-forward logging analyzer for deep dive into email transactions up to 90 day of history data

Our services are DDOS protected, are flexible and agile to any specific need, as well as integration with leading mail providers such as Microsoft O365 and Google mail.


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