Network Monitoring


Organizations today are deployed with tens, hundreds, thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of devices. whether its a network device, security device, windows or linux servers, virtual of physical, box or service, on-prem or in the cloud – all must be monitored 24/7 in order to ensure availability, performance and business continuity.

IT professionals struggle monitoring their infrastructure, and it is a major challenge.


  1. Eyes open around the clock – 24/7 NOC
  2. Procedures for acting upon alerts
  3. High performance and High availability
  4. Global probing for accurate monitoring state



We offer a 24/7 Network Monitoring Solution, part of our 24/7/365 NOC service. Our monitoring system is spread around the world with multiple probes, assuring accurate monitoring results with high availability. we collects and display current status information of the entire IT infrastructure to determine availability, performance, functionality and utilization.

In case a device or service are observed as down/insufficient – an alert is generated and could act upon a custom pre-defined process of sending an Email, SMS, Execute a a script, or have a NOC Engineer call a specific contact.

  • Monitor entire infrastructure around the clock
  • Monitor all types of devices and services, Cloud or on-prem
  • SNMP, WMI, SSH(LINUX,UNIX), HTTP, Packet Flows and Sniffing, HTTP, PING, SQL, REST
  • API returning XML or JSON, and much more..
  • Customized scanning intervals, hours of operation, thresholds and notifications.
  • Historic data reports in PDF, HTML, CSV, and XML format


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