How to Avoid China VPN Crackdown and What Corporations With Branches in China Must Do

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According to China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announcement, companies and individuals who are using VPN in order to communicate outside of China, will be blocked starting April 1st 2018.*

Organizations who use the internet to connect with their Chinese offices should be deeply concerned by that announcement. Starting this April, branches in China will no longer be able to communicate outside of China within their private secured corporate network (VPN).

What are the options to overcome this VPN crackdown ?

there are 3 options to overcome this issue :
  1. Order an MPLS link from your branch office to your corporate. This solution takes much time and resources to fulfill and may not be optimal for most organizations who are not well prepared for it in advance.
  2.  Register your VPN with the authorized telecom provider. Problems shall occur since the process of legitimately registering with Chinese telecom companies has yet to take shape, in addition to the fact that corporate traffic shall be monitored by the Chinese authorities
  3. Use Internet Binat and Aryaka private network to bypass the traffic directly and securely to your headquarter or main office in just a few days. 

Choosing the best solution possible 

Option 1 (MPLS) involves 3 to 6 months for the installation of a line.
Option 2 is unclear due to bureaucracy and lack of industry standards and also not ideal in terms of corporate Information Security (tough encrypted)
Option 3 is the best way to go and the ONLY REAL SOLUTION for your global communication in and outside of China. With our communication junctions located in China and connected with dedicated fiber links, we are able to connect any China branch to your head office (or vice versa) in a secure and stable way. The only requirement on your side is an internet connection on both ends.
Keep your corporate secrets safe and work with your China branch Contact us and receive all the information and tools to help you overcome China’s VPN crackdown.
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