Aryaka Description

Starting today, any company may improve its international network performance over an MPLS infrastructure, without boxes, with no installations and no administration and upgrade problems. This is achieved with a cloud based service from Aryaka.

Internet Binat brings to Israel exclusively Aryaka’s global service. Companies based in Israel may now enjoy Aryaka’s service in Hebrew, with local support, backed by Internet Binat’s complementary services.

The challenge: accelerating network performance easily and without high costs

International companies require efficient communication between branches, supporting advanced applications such as CRM, ERP and SaaS, allowing real-time colaboration between braches and supporting advance communication such as teleconferencing and VoIP.

However, the cost of high quality communication between branches (i.e. leasing an MPLS line between different countries) is very high.

Traditional solutions for improving communication between branches are based on “boxes” that are installed in every branch. These boxes carry out various tasks, such as information compression, de-duplication and caching, and accelerate communication over WAN between the company’s various sites.

But these box solutions have some significant disadvantages:

  1. Hardware based solutions are expensive – both in the initial purchase and when upgrading. When you upgrade boxes you have to do it on every site.
  2. These solutions are cumbersome to manage and upgrade, and require local expertise for administration and maintenance on every site.
  3. A box solution requires MPLS infrastructure – an expensive infrastructure with long terms of commitment (therefore binding the customer to one specific communication provider), that often involves waiting periods before connecting branches.
  4. If a branch is closed, the investment in boxes for that branch is lost.

The answer: Aryaka – network performance acceleration in the cloud

Aryaka provides an innovative service of network performance acceleration in an international cloud. A company’s branches can communicate through Araka’s cloud, offering global coverage, and providing any site, anywhere in the world, with reliable, high quality connectivity.

Aryaka is considered an innovator in the field of performance acceleration, and has been selected by Gartner as a leading company in its field.

Aryaka’s international service provides several significant advantages:

  1. LAN level performance over a WAN network, with quality assurance at a 99.999% level, backed by QoS and SLA contracts.
  2. A simple and fast application, with central administration using a web based interface that is easy to understand and manage. Changes can be easily made, even at the branch level.
  3. No need to worry about local updates and upgrades at every site: everything is done automatically according to the customer specifications.
  4. Adding or removing sites is simple and easy.
  5. Maximal information security with IPSec VPN.


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