Aryaka – How the service works?

Aryaka’s international cloud is made up of many communication nodes (PoPs – Points of Presence) around the world, selected on the basis of network quality, distance to customers, geographical coverage and links to other sites. The resulting network has optimal topology regarding reliability, performance, upgradability and redundancy.

With the addition of Internet Binat as a PoP in Arykaya’s cloud, Israeli companies can now enjoy Aryaka’s service with full local Hebrew support, and backed by Internet Binat’s complimentary services.


99.999% reliability

Arykaya’s topology has built-in redundancy. This means that if one of the sites crashes – adjacent sites immediately take its place and traffic is unaffected.

As a result, the service provided by Arykaya boasts a reliability of 99.999%, guaranteed by QoS and backed up by SLA contracts.

Aryaka’s performance acceleration mechanisms
Each of Aryaka’s sites includes a special system to enhance performance, through the use of information compression, protocol optimization (including FTP, MAPI, CIFS, HTTP and more) and TCP optimization. The result is a significant reduction in latency and LAN level performance over a WAN network.

Advance functionality

  • Point to point connection security with IPSec VPN connectivity.
  • Information compression with a special algorithm to reduce bandwidth.
  • APR – Advanced Redundancy Removal – to remove duplicate information.
  • TCP optimization to accelerate the transfer of TCP based application, such as FTP.
  • CIFS optimization for more efficient Windows file sharing.
  • MAPI optimization for better Microsoft Exchange performance.
  • Guaranteed performance with QoS.
  • Central administration through a portal, including configuration, monitoring, support and more. This allows real-time monitoring of all the company’s sites, and provides network administration with full network control.
  • Monitoring and control capabilities at the branch level.


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